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Bespoke customized toursA bespoke tour means that you can go whenever and wherever you want, subject to opening times etc.  Have a look at some of the our tour suggestions for inspiration and as a starting point. Many venues are able to offer 'behind the scenes' visits and offer the services of their own curator or specialist.  We will be pleased to advise what can be achieved at each venue to give you the best possible visitor experience.

If you would like us to formulate a tour for you based upon your available dates and areas of interest, just fill-in the enquiry form here (with absolutely no obligation) and we'll prepare a customized itinerary for you and work with you to fine tune it to your exact requirements.

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If you would like to issue formal invitations to your group we would be delighted to prepare a written description of your tour and itinerary.

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Garden of England Taster Tour

applesVisit Faversham historic market town. Faversham is celebrating the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta and it will form part of the touring exhibition ‘Magna Carta Rediscovered’ where it will be possible to view the Faversham Magna Carta. Stroll down Abbey Street, one of the best preserved medieval streets in the country. Smell the heady aroma of malt from the UK’s oldest brewer, Shepherd Neame. You might want to include a guided tour of the brewery...then a drive through the Kent countryside to quirky Whitstable with its working harbour for lunch, maybe to enjoy the famous oysters. The town existed even before the Domesday book was written. Learn about Squeeze Gut Alley and many of the other curious places in Whitstable and then on to Brogdale, home of the National Fruit Collection.

City of Canterbury walking tour

(with guided tour of the Cathedral)

Canterbury combines history, historic buildings, excellent shopping and the oldest cathedral in the country, part of a UNESCO world heritage site and the mother church of the Anglican community. Much of medieval Canterbury can now be visited on foot – it is a traffic-free zone – and is a comfortable stroll.Canterbury Cathedral Tours - Official Guide

Learn about Elizabeth 1st’s visit and see the building she stayed in. Walk in the footsteps of the barefoot King Henry II on his way to the Cathedral where he paid penance and was whipped by the monks for the murder of his archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket and enjoy your personally guided tour of the Cathedral and see the exact spot of Becket’s Martyrdom. We can help you discover the Miracle Windows – the world famous stained glass which is some of the earliest stained glass in the country and details the miracles that are said to have occurred after the murder of Thomas or look for the Pelicans in Piety or the Bee Holes or the Mermaid with the sparkly naked breasts in the cloisters (a beautifully carved 14th century ceiling boss).

For our American guests we can give a tour of the Cathedral which refers specifically to items and events that have American links. You could also include a visit to the Canterbury Tales attraction and follow Geoffery Chaucer’s pilgrims on their way to Canterbury in the 14th century or maybe a leisurely Canterbury River Tour.

Literary Kent & Canterbury

Guided tours - Charles Dickens

Enjoy a walking tour of the city and visit to the cathedral. Hear about T.S. Eliot’s drama, Murder in the Cathedral, learn about Rupert Bear author, Mary Tourtel and Christopher Marlowe both Canterbury born. Then after lunch a scenic drive through East Kent to see and hear about Ian Fleming, Jane Austen and their links with Kent and on to Broadstairs and the Dickens Museum enjoy the town that Dickens loved so much!

On the Tudor Trail

Kent has many connections with the Tudors, especially Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Some suggestions for places to visit could include Ightham Mote, near Sevenoaks, rebuilt by Sir Richard Clement one of Henry’s favourite servants, but who would have wanted one of his jobs –he had the dubious honour of taking care of the King’s personal hygiene!

A beautiful manor house with magnificent gardens that is open all year. You could then go on to Penshurst Place, where Tudor toursHenry lived while he secretly courted Anne when she was living at Hever Castle. Penshurst, the home of the Sidney family since 1552. This is the family who helped draft the Constitution for Pennsylvania – later the basis of the US Constitution - see the Great Hall where nothing has changed since Henry’s time. Are you a fan of Wolf Hall, the hugely popular book by Hilary Mantel and now a lavish TV drama? Many scenes were filmed here, as were numerous other TV and film productions including the The Other Boleyn Girl. An easy journey can take you to Hever Castle, the childhood home of the Boleyn girls, Anne and Mary, and perhaps the most romantic reason for Henry’s frequent visits to Kent.

The castle dates back to the 13th century and according to the eminent Tudor historian, Dr. David Starkey, contains ‘one of the best collections of Tudor portraits after the National Portrait Gallery’. Hever was greatly restored by the American, William Waldorf Astor and contains fascinating memorabilia relating to the Astor family. These wonderful sites are all located in a small geographical area of Kent and at least two can be visited comfortably in a day.


World War II - Hellfire Corner

Kent has many links to World War II and features many historic memorials. Much of the Battle of Britain was fought in the skies above World War 2 Tours of KentKent in 1940 and the National Battle of Britain Memorial and Wall of Remembrance is located on the cliffs a short distance from Dover.

Very close by is the Kent Battle of Britain Museum at Hawkinge where the exhibits are housed in original 1940’s building plus at Dover Castle you can explore the darkly atmospheric Secret Wartime Tunnels including a re-creation of the Dunkirk evacuation in 'Operation Dynamo: Rescue from Dunkirk' complete with dramatic projections of swooping Spitfires and real film footage. You might know about Ian Fleming and his association with Kent, but do you know what his brother Peter’s role was in Kent during the War?

Churchill tours

Winston Churchill Guided Tours On our tours to Chartwell, enjoy the company of professional actor, Oliver Ford, who will entertain and inform you with his interactive ‘Churchill’ commentary. Oliver uses different media and gets into character to give us a unique tour experience. He has worked with many companies who have wanted to add a fun and an enjoyable element to their guided tour. Contact me to discuss how this experience can be included in your tour.